Vransko Jezero Yacht Charter Croatia

Every year, I and my friends have been planning for a private trip to any city or country during the summer holidays. This year, we planned to go to the best city of Croatia because we thought to enjoy sea adventures. We searched information of different Croatian cities and their adventurous experiences. Among them, I and my 4 friends liked to visit Varaždin city because it is an amazing place for the youngsters. This city is located in the Northern Croatia region.

Vransko Jezero

We saw different pictures of Varaždin city and their yacht adventure activities. All of us really stunned with the facts regarding this city in Croatia. We would like to visit almost all cities of Croatia because we liked everything. But we knew it is impossible in one week summer holidays. So, we took a decision to visit every Croatian city in every year summer holidays. This year we have choosen Varaždin city to visit and get adventurous experience through sailing and yachting.

Croatia Vransko Jezero Yacht charter Croatia

Adventures in Varaždin city:

Varaždin is basically a city of baroque, music, bicycles, flowers, and young people. We saw more numbers of rich natural legacy links in the parks. It is the must see destination of adventurous expereice in North Croatia in Vransko Jezero. When we all 5 members reached a Varaždin city, first we went to the nearest coastal region of our hotel and few hours we enjoyed watching adventures made by other tourists. It created lots of interests in everybody to enjoy the same using the yacht charter and a sailing boat.

In Varaždin, we could find sailing boats and yacht charters sold to our adventurous desires. We bought 5 new yacht charters first and have better adventurous experience in the crystal clear water of Varaždin sea. After 3 hours of yachting experience, we wanted to take lunch and went to one amazing restaurant located in the coastal region. My friends Tina and John would like to taste tradition foods of Varaždin, Croatia. So, we all took the same decision and enjoyed tasting Varaždin traditional foods. After finished lunch, I wanted to sailing in the boat because it has been one of my dreams in the large sea water. My friend Esther bought me a sailing boat and I enjoyed sailing in the Varaždin sea water. More about that on Vransko Jezero.

Varaždin trip has been unforgettable memories in our lifetime because our friend’s gang got spectacular views and funny sea adventures there. We spent 6 full days in this Croatian city and enjoy each and every aspect of Varaždin. On the 5th day in the city coast, we met one beautiful couple who came from US to enjoy their first year wedding anniversary. They became very good friends of us and the couple enjoyed yachting and other adventures with us on the sixth day. At the end of the trip, our friend’s gang 5 members and that couple 2 members wanted to conduct a small party and we booked a compact party hall and enjoyed more. More under this link